The Cupheag Crier

Velmore Spamer discusses his research on Adam Blakeman

August 11, 2019

Elden Dustin, well known Stratford educator, interviews Velmore Spamer on September 13, 1989.  Ironically, Mr. Spamer passed away exactly one week after this interview; fortuitous timing on Mr. Dustin's part.  Velmore Spamer was born in Stratford September 26, 1916 and remained in Stratford for his entire life.  He worked for the State Welfare Department and the State Transportation Department.  Mr. Spamer served on the town's bicentennial committee in 1976 and served as President of the Stratford Historical Society in 1970 and 1971.

In this interview, Mr. Spamer discusses his research on his forebear, and Stratford founder, Adam Blakeman.  Mr. Spamer traveled the United Kingdom to gain additional information about Adam Blakeman.

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