The Cupheag Crier

Lew Knapp discusses the historic house styles in Stratford

June 29, 2019

Lew Knapp, long time town historian, was interviewed on September 30, 1988 at his stately home on Shore Road.  He was asked to discuss various house styles and house building periods in Stratford.  Mr. Knapp details the Judson House, Lt. Governor David Plant's house, Samuel William Johnson's house, his own house, and others.  He talks about the settling of Stratford and Mac's Harbor.  The Mac's Harbor story alone is worth the listen as this story has largely been lost to history.  Lew discusses the process of writing a history book as he was in the final stages of publishing "In Pursuit of Paradise."  Lew's wife Vivienne also describes writing her historic cookbook, "Paradise Enow", which was published during the town's 350th anniversary

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