The Cupheag Crier

Ferries, Docks, Bridges, and Boats which operated on the lower Housatonic River

June 3, 2019

J. Fletcher Lewis was born in 1889.  Mr. Lewis was appointed by the State of Connecticut as Stratford's Harbormaster in 1951.  Mr. Lewis served in that position for the next 20+ years.  He was elected President of the State Harbormasters Association in 1959.  Mr. Lewis lived at 138 Sutton Avenue from the 1920's through the early 1940's.  He moved to 178 Housatonic Avenue in the mid-1940's.  

In this presentation, Mr. Lewis addressed the Stratford Historical Society September 23, 1966 at Christ Episcopal Church.  He had made an earlier presentation to the Society on July 24, 1958 at Boothe Memorial Park.

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